Call for speakers

Please, fill in the form below in order to send us your proposal for a presentation for WordCamp Athens 2017. You may send us more that one proposals, if you wish. Please, make sure that you have read the code of conduct for participating in a WordCamp first. Our organising team will try to contact you shortly.

The call for sponsors of WordCamp Athens will expire on October 9th 2017. All submissions will be considered and answered by October 23rd 2017, regardless whether they are accepted or not.

We seek:

People who love their work and carry it out with care and craftmanship, people who are experienced and have a deep knowledge of their field, people who have a knack for public speaking. We seek people who can tell a beautiful story!

Examples of the thematics we seek are (non exclusively):

  • The basics (for novices and professionals)
  • Web development, website building
  • Web Design (HTML, CSS, JS, front-end)
  • Design (UI/UX, typography)
  • Blogging, content creation, journalism
  • Marketing, branding, strategy
  • Something new, that we do not know about yet

Presentation submission form